Your rights to collect debt through social media

55224217_MPreviously, contacting people who owed debts to you on their social media accounts wasn’t possible. It was by mail or phone — if you could get those contacts from the individuals.

Times have changed, though, and now it is legal to use social media as a tool to contact someone who owes a debt. However, there are some clear guidelines as to how that can be used.

We wanted to wrap up those rules in one convenient place for you to check out, using recent news reports and advocacy sites to check on the genuine latest changes.

The current rules

Let’s review what’s allowed at this time. These changes stem from federal legislation, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Certain provisions went into effect in November 2021. If a debt collector finds the debtor on social media, that can reach out for contact, but with some parameters:

Clear identification: The collector has to identify themselves as such, not as a friend or contact in disguise.

Private messaging: The contact can’t take place on a person’s page as a message that friends, family and followers can see. Instead, it needs to be a private message that the debtor can only see.

A way out: Once that PM is sent, it needs to include a way for the person to opt-out from further communications from the debt collector.

This tool will help identify the debtor so you can then work with them to settle the debt at the best agreeable terms for both parties. Handling the process with empathy and professionalism goes a long way to gaining a result that may net you a loyal customer.

Ways we can help with collection services

For decades and through the many changes that have occurred with compliance and rules, FCR has been a recognized leader in the debt collection industry. We are committed to delivering cost-effective, ethical and reliable services that also support your business strategies and goals.

We believe that no debt is too small, and that we put customer service first as we interact with your base. No matter the debt’s size, we treat interaction with the same compassion, leading to effective and quick debt collection that will bring you peace of mind.

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